Thursday, November 07, 2013

Sorry for the inaction, we slipped away for a few days ...

My husband and I had the opportunity to sneak away for a few days and go to Washington D.C. to visit our oldest son and his new wife and ... we took it. It was a wonderful time.

While there we played tourists and our son was able to get us passes to sit in the Senate gallery and watch whatever was going on at that moment. I was really excited even though it was early in the day on a Monday and my son had warned us that most senators were probably still on flights returning back to DC. But still I held out hope we'd get to see at least one discussion on a cloture vote on ENDA. Unfortunately all we got to see was this:

And adding to that disappointment, our son later informed us that about 15 minutes after we left, Senator Tammy Baldwin D-WI, our first openly gay Senator, delivered a floor speech on ENDA. Adding salt to that wound was the reason we left so early: a damned parking meter that was about to expire. DRATS!

Never-the-less, it was a crazy, action-packed few days and a wonderful time. But then ... any time we can see one of our kids (and their significant others), it is a wonderful time. And even watching GOP gasbags like Senator Barrasso bloviate about failed laws that have not even been implemented yet can't put a dent on that.

But here is what we missed because of that uncooperative parking meter:


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