Friday, February 28, 2014

Nailed it!

From JMG who got it from the Miami Herald

Like a bad toenail fungus, Arizona won't easily rid itself of Cathi Herrod either

Cathi Herrod, head god-botherer and gay hater of the Center for Arizona Policy, went down hard in a pretty humiliating defeat with the veto of SB 1062. But like a bad case of toenail fungus, Cathi isn't disappearing anytime soon from Arizona politics. One can safely bet she is back in her think-tank of evil right now, licking her wounds, bankrolling her latest wad of Koch Brother cash, and dreaming up the next batch of nasty legislation targeting the glbt community and anyone else who doesn't fit her godly vision for normal. She knows she still has a willing legislature dominated by half-wit Republican tea-baggers eager to make her every wish their command. So stay tuned people, Arizona is far from done with the spotlight. And Cathi Herrod is far from done keeping us in it.



Thursday, February 27, 2014

A begrudged thank you to the Governor for doing something that should have been a no-brainer in the first place

So by now everyone knows Governor Jan Brewer has finally vetoed the infamous SB 1062, a bill that would have given any Arizona business the right to deny service to anyone they want (read: especially those who are lgbt) under the guise of a "sincerely held religious belief".  Never mind that businesses can do that now without any fear of repercussion. They can legally fire, deny service, deny housing, etc to anyone who is lgbt or even perceived to be lgbt. So this bill was nothing more than a good twist of the knife by our  bat-sh*t crazy, tea-baggin legislators and their puppeteer masters over at the Center for Arizona Policy.

So to all the people out in the street celebrating and falling all over themselves thanking the Governor, I say, go at it, but save some of that energy. The same bozos that gave us this flaming pile of poo are back in their labs cooking up something else just as crazy to keep Arizona in first place for stupidest state in the union. It is only a matter of time.

And remember, Jan Brewer finally ended up doing the right thing, but for all the wrong reasons. She didn't veto SB 1062 because it would legalize discrimination. She didn't veto SB 1062 because it would give legal cover for further demonization of minorities. She didn't veto SB 1062 because it is the antithesis of what Jesus was all about. No. She vetoed SB 1062 because she could already hear the giant sucking sound of all those tourist dollars, Superbowl dollars, and big business dollars leaving the state for more saner parts of the country. Not because Arizona was getting a reputation for being a big a-hole state. That's actually a badge of honor.

All those days she kept herself in the spotlight supposedly agonizing and praying and "listening to both sides" was simply a calculated move to make the losing side believe they actually had a chance of winning. She knew all along this bill wasn't going to see the light of day. For a Republican the only thing that speaks louder than bigotry and homophobia is money - and lots of it. Human dignity? Equal rights? Protections for all? Respecting diversity? Pffffffffft.

Update: Thank you Jon Stewart (and don't worry, Arizona Republicans are not done yet, they'll still be a good source of comedy for you):


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Governor Bony Finger, what the hell are you waiting for?

Veto that damn Hate Bill sitting on your desk. You've had more than enough time to read SB 1062 - all 2 pages of it. Now get off your bony knees, stop the prayin, and tell the Center For Arizona Policy to go f*ck themselves. And then blame it on God.

For each hour you procrastinate, our beautiful state remains the center of attention and in a truly horrible way. Hell at this rate we are making Alabama look like a bastion of progressiveness and tolerance.

So veto the damn bill Governor. It's a no-brainer. This damn lolly-gagging isn't just damaging Arizona, but you too. People are genuinely beginning to wonder if you are really as stupid as you look right now or just another run-of-the-mill Republican politician whose bigotry and hate trumps the good of the constituents they represent.

Oh and Guv, when you veto that bill, could you please send Cathi Herrod and her think tank buddies packing too? We've had more than enough of those evil bullies as well.

Thanks muchisimo,

Yours truly,


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dear Arizona Republican Lawmakers,

For a group of tough-talking, "wild west" gun-slingen wanna-be's, you've got to be the biggest bunch of embarassing, frightened little ninnies I've ever seen. It is quite a sight to behold when Cathi Herrod or one of her faux Christian soldiers from the Center for Arizona Policy come thundering into the Arizona State Capital building. Puffed-out chests deflate, righteous spit-riddled bravado ceases, and all fall to bended knees when the self-appointed queen of morality makes an appearance. What a sight! A mass of cowering, frightened little Republican yes-men and women, clutching cutesy little pink handguns to the breast and quivering from head to feet clad in cheap cowboy boots. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday are cringing in their graves and sane Arizonans weep as the cowardly lot of you beholden sheeple once again mar our state with your ugly politics, bigotry, and profound ignorance.

Please don't tell me y'all really believe that SB 1062 is a badly needed solution to a big problem. Most Arizonans see right through that. Be honest, this is yet another classic case of every one of you miserable cowards bowing to the whims of Cathi Herrod. And please stop insulting us by insinuating there are hordes of "religious" people whose rights are being trampled. We know you are lying through your teeth. The truth is so much simpler and so much more sinister. This is just another opportunity to trample the civil rights of those you do not like under the guise of religion - and only a certain kind of religion. The religion of Cathi Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy.

Congratulations Arizona Republicans. Once again, you've made national buffoons of yourself. Once again you've shown us what cowards you are. Once again you've shown us what sanctimonious frauds you are. And once again you've shown us who really wears the pants in this state --- and it ain't YOU. It is Cathi Herrod.

What wimps.


Friday, February 21, 2014

What's it gonna be Governor Brewer?

From Rocco's Little Chicago Pizzeria in Tucson

All eyes are on our Governor here in Arizona now that yet another nasty, mean-spirited bill targeted at a minority has hit her desk for final approval. And honestly, there is no predicting which way she will go on this latest atrocity to come out of our state legislature.

This is a Republican wet-dream, a religious freedom bill which allows people to legally discriminate against whomever they want (as long as they couch it as living their faith or some stupid bullsh*t like that). And it was specifically written with the glbt community in mind (cuz Jim Crow laws are so 20th century), but could essentially legalize the discrimination (under the guise of religious freedom) against anyone. It is definitely a solution looking for a problem and it is despicable. It will also be the tax payers financial burden when it inevitably hits the courts.

I am fuming right now. I am so g.d. sick and tired of the lunacy that emanates from our state capital. But with a legislature dominated with such feeble-minded, cowardly Republican lawmakers, I guess I should not be surprised. The collective intelligence of this group of politicians is so underwhelming that I truly don't believe they are capable of solving the real problems plaguing this state so they just make up sh*t to solve.

Stated less harshly, our Republican lawmakers aren't really capable of complex thinking. No, they definitely had help with this heaping pile of poo. And Cathi Herrod and her minions from the Center for Arizona Policy are always there when it comes to demonizing and denying rights to people they do not like. And this bill definitely has the stench of this faux family values group's influence. If it's hateful and nasty and targets a minority that right-wing hate groups love to single out and demonize, it almost always has Cathy Herrod's greasy fingerprints all over it.

So now the only thing that stands between another gigantic black eye for our beloved state of Arizona and the evils of Cathi Herrod and her clan is our governor.
Governor Bony-Finger's moment of shame
Gawd it kills me that it all comes down to her. But to be fair, she has been on the right side of a few issues so all we can do is hope she will be on this piece of hateful legislation as well.

And as for Cathi Herrod? I want to thank her. She and her hateful ilk have done more to advance the rights of our glbt brothers and sisters than we ever could have. Pushing this kind of legislation turns off most fair-minded, intelligent people. It also infuriates, repulses, and strengthens the resolve of those who have a glbt loved one. This is what will be Cathi Herrod's ultimate undoing.


Monday, February 10, 2014

We Shall Overcome - In Moscow with the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles

Sorry about the lack of posting. It's just too much right now, but I will be back soon. Until then, here are 3 minutes of touching inspiration created by the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles in response to Russia's intolerance and cruelty towards their GLBT citizens.