Thursday, February 27, 2014

A begrudged thank you to the Governor for doing something that should have been a no-brainer in the first place

So by now everyone knows Governor Jan Brewer has finally vetoed the infamous SB 1062, a bill that would have given any Arizona business the right to deny service to anyone they want (read: especially those who are lgbt) under the guise of a "sincerely held religious belief".  Never mind that businesses can do that now without any fear of repercussion. They can legally fire, deny service, deny housing, etc to anyone who is lgbt or even perceived to be lgbt. So this bill was nothing more than a good twist of the knife by our  bat-sh*t crazy, tea-baggin legislators and their puppeteer masters over at the Center for Arizona Policy.

So to all the people out in the street celebrating and falling all over themselves thanking the Governor, I say, go at it, but save some of that energy. The same bozos that gave us this flaming pile of poo are back in their labs cooking up something else just as crazy to keep Arizona in first place for stupidest state in the union. It is only a matter of time.

And remember, Jan Brewer finally ended up doing the right thing, but for all the wrong reasons. She didn't veto SB 1062 because it would legalize discrimination. She didn't veto SB 1062 because it would give legal cover for further demonization of minorities. She didn't veto SB 1062 because it is the antithesis of what Jesus was all about. No. She vetoed SB 1062 because she could already hear the giant sucking sound of all those tourist dollars, Superbowl dollars, and big business dollars leaving the state for more saner parts of the country. Not because Arizona was getting a reputation for being a big a-hole state. That's actually a badge of honor.

All those days she kept herself in the spotlight supposedly agonizing and praying and "listening to both sides" was simply a calculated move to make the losing side believe they actually had a chance of winning. She knew all along this bill wasn't going to see the light of day. For a Republican the only thing that speaks louder than bigotry and homophobia is money - and lots of it. Human dignity? Equal rights? Protections for all? Respecting diversity? Pffffffffft.

Update: Thank you Jon Stewart (and don't worry, Arizona Republicans are not done yet, they'll still be a good source of comedy for you):


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