Sunday, June 07, 2015

Are We Redefining Marriage Including Gay Couples?

I will never claim to be objective on this subject so take my opinion on this clip below for what it's worth. I have grown so weary of the anti-marriage equality side's view that marriage is ALL about procreation and nothing else. P-U-L-E-A-S-E!!! Spare me.

My beloved mom remarried at 77. She did not remarry to procreate. And even if she did, her biological time clock would have given her a rude awakening. But ... there is not a judge in this country that would have denied her the right to marry because she could not bear children. So how in the hell can this still be an argument for denying gay people the right to marry?

It can't and it shouldn't be. But watch the idiot side of the Supreme Court (some of whom believe in a 5000 yr old world) find some pretzeled-up logic to do just that.

Watch and listen to how logical one side sounds and how goofy the other sounds. (Remember - my opinion is not objective, but it's right - in my opinion)



Anonymous said...

The thing is, we already redefined marriage when we made it about a relationship of egals. "Traditional marriage" was often about one man (a woman's father) transferring his property (said woman) to another man (her new husband). Most of us -- even most fundies -- no longer see it as such.

Seething Mom said...

Jarred!!!! I have missed you. So glad you came by and left a comment. I always love hearing your perspective on things. You bring so much wisdom to the table.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kim. I should note, however, that I can't really claim credit for this perspective. The ways in which marriage has already been redefined throughout history has been long talked about by many people. One recent and notable example, in fact was Justice Ginsburg, when the SCOTUS heard arguments over marriage Equality back in late April.