Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When extreme homophobia makes one look like a complete blithering idiot

Well hello Franklin Graham. I am talking to you buddy. Your anti-gay nonsense has indeed come back to bite you in the arse and make you look like quite the fool:
Evangelical pastor Franklin Graham announced yesterday that he intends to “fight the tide of moral decay that is being crammed down our throats by big business, the media, and the gay & lesbian community.” And as part of the effort, Graham is starting with his … bank.
And that bank is Wells Fargo Bank and what set him off was this beautifully done ad:

So what does Pastor holier-than-thou do to escape the "moral decay"? Well he jumps out of the frying pan and into a big gay bonfire. He switched to BB&T, another North Carolina-based bank. So what could possibly go wrong with that, you ask?
Graham may not have done much research, as BB&T has received an 80 percent score in the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index and this year is the sponsor of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade, along with the chief sponsor of Miami Beach Gay Pride’s “Legacy Couples” program, which celebrates same-sex couples in “committed relationships of 10 years or longer.”
As the good Pastor is finding out, there is no escaping the "moral decay". He may want to consider pulling his money and keeping it under his mattress. He may also need to consider traveling by car instead of airplane, throwing away his tennis shoes, his computers, his jewelry, and probably most of his clothing and food. But then, who am I to tell the good Pastor what he should do. So I won't. It is too damn much fun writing about homophobic imbeciles like him. And as I have discovered over the last 12 years, these homophobic idiots really are doing the heavy lifting in our drive to reach full equality for our lgbt loved ones.

So can I end this post with a big HAHAHAHAHAHAHA what an idiot? Because one thing is for sure, I will never ever shed another tear or work myself into an ulcer-inducing lather over such stupid people again.

UPDATE: Rachel Maddow has waay too much fun at the expense of this idiot. 


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