Wednesday, July 01, 2015

A marvelous smack down to pretend Catholic "victims"

I saw this video a few days ago and I have been stewing ever since. These so-called "Christians" turn my stomach when they present themselves as the victim when they get blow-back for being intolerant and generally hateful people. This clip, titled Not Alone, portrays a bunch of Catholic jackasses "coming out" to say that they are no longer afraid to tell people exactly how they feel about gays. It was created by a group called The Catholic Vote and has gone viral over the last few days.

Thankfully, a few days later, an alternate version of Not Alone has come out. It doesn't completely remove the stench of the original version, but it does a good job of making fun of the idiots who made the original.

Again, I will refer back to my big fat THANK YOU to the religious right for helping us make the huge strides in gay rights that we've made in the past decade. I guess hate and ignorance ain't all bad.




Anonymous said...

I find it contemptuous how the first video tries to compare experiencing pushback against one's homophobic views to the dangers of coming out as LGBT. I'm sorry, homophobic Catholics (and other homophobes), but having someone accuse you of being unloving or bigoted is not the same as risking being physically assaulted, fired, thrown out of your home, or any of the other things that LGBT people risk every day simply by living openly as themselves. Also, being openly LGBT doesn't hurt anyone, but holding anti-gay beliefs and acting on them -- whether by working against LGBT rights or simply treating LGBT people differently -- does hurt other people.

And by the way, I found the assertion that "we should all talk to each other" plea to be utterly contemptible and insulting. It's not LGBT people who have historically refused to talk or listen. It's been anti-gay Christians (and anti-gay non-Christians) who have historically and repeatedly shut their ears against the words of LGBT people. Not only that, but they have demonized and dehumanized us. And even today (and this is where the second video was so dead on), those who want "dialogue" often simply want the billionth chance to loudly proclaim to LGBT their alleged morally superior truth, whether we're tired of hearing it or not. If anti-gay Christians want dialogue, they need to accept that they've already had more than their fair share of speaking time over the past few decades and it's time for them to take a whole stadium of seats and start listening to us now. And no interruptions, either.

As an interesting aside, Libby Anne touched on this same topic (poor anti-gay Christians being "too scared to share their truth"), though not this video. I think her post is well worth reading. I especially liked the critical point she made of "Sarah" when she noted the following:

She says she doesn’t want to offend people she loves and respects. She says she just wants people to like her, which frankly sounds like it’s more about self-interest than it is about a desire not to hurt people, but okay.

Seething Mom said...

Bravo Jarred! I could not have said it better. You speak a heart-wrenching truth. But then, when it comes from the brutal experience of actually being the victim of these religious bullies it will be - both heart-wrenching and the truth - unlike what comes out of the mouths of these frauds.