Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hood County, Texas Commissioners listen to arguments on censoring LGBT books

Some very moving testimony at this hearing. Pay close attention to the Texas Mama who fiercely defends her "Princess Boy". Her love and support (and courage) are so inspiring. Every child should be so lucky.

And then there is the other side of the argument. And all I can do is sigh. I just wish people could comprehend the concept of "Separation of Church and State", but alas, there will always be some who just have to shove their religious crap into the public sphere. I suppose I just have to accept that this is the way it is always going to be, but good lord that pious godbothering sure gets old and nauseating.

Maybe someone should suggest to that one lady that she spend more time at the "libary" brushing up on the  First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.


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