Sunday, September 27, 2015

A plea to Pope Francis on behalf of homeless LGBT youth: We're Not Sinners

Let me come right out and apologize now because I know from past experience that I will definitely offend someone with what I am about to say. IF you are part of an organized religion that believes gays are an abomination, should be stoned, or demonizes them in any way, it is time to DUMP THAT RELIGION and NOT YOUR CHILD. End of story.

I know many are falling all over themselves praising Pope Francis, and yes, he is a refreshing change from Pope Benedict, but as long as Catholicism continues to perpetuate the myth that our LGBT brothers, sisters, children, friends, and neighbors are evil,  the Catholic Church is no better than any other Church preaching such ignorant drivel. And the streets will continue to fill up with LGBT children discarded like trash.

So for me, I am holding the praise. Pope Francis's comment early on: "Who am I to judge?" was a good start, but it is NOT enough. He heads a church that does judge and until that stops, his words are only lip service.

According to the Ali Forney Center (where our donations go to):

“Over 200,000 LGBT youths are homeless in America. The biggest reason LGBT youths cannot remain in their homes is due to the religious beliefs of their parents."

"Every child deserves to be loved."


Bill Maher methodically crushes the right wing's heroes du jour

For a party that's so into hero worship, Right Wingers sure suck at picking the people they want to put up on that pedestal to adore and idolize. And who better to showcase it all than Bill Maher?


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Matt Baume has some insights on last night's CNN GOP Presidential debate #2 - when it came to discussing Kim Davis

I had a really tough time watching the debate last night. I finally had to turn it off. I just could not take all the hypocrisy and downright idiocy , especially from the god-bothering wing of candidates. Those clowns are constantly scare-mongering about Sharia law seeping into our legal system, but cannot see the irony of their own views on our legal system. It is scary how many of them would be just fine with absolutely no separation of Church and State and the country run as a strict Christian theocracy and one of them as Supreme Leader.