Monday, August 21, 2017

This Texas Dad of a trans-son is my hero

Ken and Melissa Ballard of Little Elm fought for their son during the Texas 85th Legislative Session. In the clip below Ken tells us their family's very personal and at times painful story. He admits in the video that it is not easy for him to speak so publicly to others about this subject, but he does a wonderful job, in spite of his discomfort. That is what unconditional love for a child does to you.

It's just a damn shame that parents like Ken & Melissa are forced to go so public with their personal story. But with this Texas legislature full of so-called "small gubment" Republicans trying to legislate everything from who can use what bathroom to what women can & cannot do with their bodies (and a whole lot more), it forces people to come out and fight for what is right. . 

Ken and Melissa Ballard have more courage in the tips of their pinkies than the whole lot of these disgusting god-botherer legislators put together. It's a damn shame these shitty law-makers will never learn that messing with anyone's child, is a losing prospect.   

Way to stand up for your son Ken & Melissa!


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