Saturday, July 15, 2006

I’m an Independent Now

The face of the Republican Party has really changed since the days of Barry Goldwater. I know it has become a party to which I personally feel deep shame admitting I ever had any connection, but I figured I had an especially good reason (gay son) to hate the Republican Party. And I mean HATE with a vengeance that only a “mother scorned” could feel. What I didn’t realize was how many life-long prominent Republicans (most likely NOT parents of gay children) there are out there who feel the same revulsion and fury that I feel about today’s version of the Republican Party. That point was really driven home for me this past week when I caught a couple of interviews with John Dean, the former White House Counsel to President Richard Nixon, who has been making the rounds while promoting his new book, Conservatives Without Conscience. I quickly began to realize just how “not alone” I am in despising this group of people now calling themselves Republicans. And I must say “my misery sure is loving the company”.

I bring this all up because after our move I made re-registering to vote a top priority for me, my husband, and my 3 kids. There has never, ever been a shower that made me feel cleaner than I felt when I got my new voter registration card in the mail and there was a big, glorious I for Independent after my name. Sadly, I still do not feel that the Democratic Party as they stand right now has earned my support, but I will definitely be voting to oust the scummy Republicans in office right now. I just do not believe this country can withstand 2 more years of a Republican controlled everything. And I want to do my part to get them out. Out of power, out of our PRIVATE LIVES, out of my son’s life, and out of my family’s life. I want them to return to private life and the real world. I want them to see and feel the full impact of the pain that they have wrought upon so many. I want them to see and feel how creepy, invasive, and corrupt this government has become from the same perspective that we, the little people have been seeing it. And lastly, I want them to someday find the souls they lost while in office and feel great shame for their role in what they have done to this great country and to so many great American citizens that they have unjustly singled out as inferior and unequal. Share

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