Sunday, September 03, 2006

Thanks Debra, My Journey Is Now Complete

A stroll over to Pam’s place this evening was a bit unsettling (but then that is her aim, to expose the venomous hate that is so often passed off as good Christian behavior). Tonight she has once again posted a very hateful homophobic rant by yet another “good Christian”, a woman named Debra JM Smith. Pam found Debra’s post on a blog called Chester Street, which boasts that it is:

A Street filled with Conservative, Bible Reading, American Flag Waving, Neighbor Helping, Gun Owning, Animal Loving, Church Going, Regular People. This Street is No friend of the Left, so turn Right.

But before I get to Debra’s foam-at-the-mouth diatribe, I want to say that I actually feel a debt of gratitude to people like Debra. When I first found out about my son being gay, my biggest obstacle to being at peace with my son’s sexual orientation was what some organized religions and some so-called “good Christians” were saying about homosexuality. So I delved into my own research to look for answers to the questions that were haunting me day and night those first few months. I just had to satisfy my own worries about my son’s sexual orientation and his so-called “damnation”. I had to know why his God-given sexual orientation (and no amount of ranting from people like Debra will ever convince this mom that her son chose his sexual orientation) would prevent him from being a good Christian and a good human being and guarantee him a one-way ticket to hell.

The next few months were a long and exhausting journey indeed. I traveled to some very dark and ugly places filled with people very much like Debra. I was amazed at the number of people out there who have never ever been wracked with any self doubt or worry when I have been plagued my whole life with both. I was stunned at the sheer force of their self-righteousness and sense that they knew all of the answers to so many things that will be mysteries to me til the day I die. I was overwhelmed by their self-assured, staunch, authoritarian attitudes which always seemed to convey an air of moral superiority and a God-given right to be judge and jury to the rest of us mere mortals. And I was astounded by their willingness to believe that they were so good and Christ-like that they were among the chosen few to have a direct line to God. But more than anything else, I was sickened at the hate-filled vitriol that they would pass off as good Christian sermonizing. It sure did not resemble anything I’d read about Jesus and his teachings.

The only person that I personally knew that did all of the above was my dad and he has been committed for the rest of his life in a mental institution. So as painful as my journey to where I am now was, I am so very glad I made it. I would rather be a mere mortal, wracked with doubt about everything but my inability to be perfect.

So as I said above, I owe people like Debra a big thank you. I needed to enter that deep dark world to see just exactly who was condemning my son to hell. And now that I have done that, I am finally at peace.

And now to Debra’s rant:

I have been asked to explain this statement of mine: "The sexually perverted sinful people, who push their sin all over this planet, do all they can do to push their filth on anyone and EVERYONE and they affect us all."

Every time I see true homosexuality, it sickens me. Seeing this perversion on TV, at the mall, a college, etc., it is dirty and awful. I am just as sickened by seeing two women or two men kiss, as I would be to see a flasher on a street corner. It is evil and stomach turning. Just because a small percentage of people in this nation have chosen to say that some perversion is 'ok,' does not make it so. If in 20 years sex with animals is seen as 'ok,' by some part of society, are normal people suddenly not going to be sickened by it?

Our nations blood supply is always at risk now, and homosexuals are actually fighting to be able to give blood--WHAT'S THAT? I get concerned every time I am at a doctors, getting blood tests, etc., because of people with AIDs. AIDs affects everyone when it comes to health care prices too. People with AIDs need to be quarantined. But no, the government instead is protecting them from people finding out who has it. (The majority of people with AIDs, contracted it from sexual sin.)

Homosexual activists want to take away the validity of marriage. They want to take my freedom of speech away. They want to force the teaching of perversion on children. It is just a matter of time before parents end up in court for telling their children that perversion is wrong, if something is not done. They want to discriminate against descent people, for not accepting the perverted. People are facing losing jobs for speaking against perversion. While special rights are being sought for the perverted, the seeking to take rights away from the descent people is underway.

The perverted seek to infiltrate every place where descent people go. Look at the Boy Scouts issue and churches. Gosh, we cannot even have Christian chats or post boards or blogs without them pushing their filth in those places. They cannot stand it that people like me hate what they do. I positively hate it. I believe that they should all be put on an island, away from the rest of society. They are corrupting our nation, hurting our nation, and killing people by giving them AIDs. They stand for evil. I know there are some that are worse than others, but no matter what, they are all wicked.

And mark my words, SOMEONE will say that this is "hate speech," which will only further prove my point that they seek to take our freedom of speech away. Every type of people have people who hate what they do and who speak against them, and every type of people have some of their type killed.

Ahhhhh, I never thought I'd find an up-side to hate... Share


Tracy said...

I hate to say this, because it makes "my people" look mentally unstable, but Debra sounds so gay... a serious closet case...

Seething Mom said...

And if you are right, what a tragedy.

Staff said...

Trust me, she hasn't played with a full deck for years. Debbie... aka PinkPearls3737... was removed from AOL by the BOD and CAT for harassment, stalking, threats, and slander of AOL members who were:

Gay, Pagan, Wiccan, Catholic, pregnant outside of marriage, divorced, black, Muslim, Jewish, Quaker, Mormon, Atheist, Agnostic, or single parents.

Anything that she professes is spewed from the lunacy of her own mind, and no one takes her seriously. She firmly believes there is an "agenda" to punish her for "doing God's work", when in fact her own mouth is what gets her into trouble 100% of the time.

Pink's newest endeavor is to "bouycott" Canada for their stance on school programs and same-sex marriage. In her spare time, she attacks cross-dressing public school teachers and Mormons.

God bless you and your son! Don't let people like Smith get under your skin. Their viewpoint is worthless to God.

Scott Amundsen said...

I've known the woman since I was on AOL. She was a constant thorn in the side of every member in the Beliefs Christian chat room. When I did not disguise the fact that I have HIV, she went on a total tirade that I was doomed, and doomed by my own actions, my own choices.

I think what really drove her wild was my refusal to take the bait. The worst thing I said to her was "shaddap Pink" (she used the handle Pinkpearls3737)