Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hey GOP: What goes around comes around – Part 2

Andrew points out yet another irony. And this one is could be the Grand Old Party’s undoing.

He writes about the impact to the Republican Party if Hastert stays:

... the GOP could lose 50 seats, according to an internal poll …

One aspect of this is worth further noting. The base of the GOP has been fed homophobia and gay-baiting for years now. It was partly how Rove won Ohio and the presidency. Gay-hating is integral to their machine. Now, the very homophobia these people stoked and used is suddenly turning back on them…

But part of me also sees the karmic payback here. They rode this tiger; now it's turning on them. And it's dinner time.

Yup, they created this monster and it now threatens to destroy them. If it didn’t hit so close to home for me I’d be laughing hysterically, but instead, all I can muster are tears of bitterness.

And to the tiger: Bon Apetit!


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