Sunday, October 22, 2006

Is Bush trying to make nice with the gays?

So I’m over at AMERICAblog this morning and there’s this picture of Bush doing an ABC interview posted with what looks like a gay rights flag hanging right behind him. John wonders if this might be some kind of a silent code that "gay is okay" right before the election.

And if that’s the case, here is what I have to say to President Bush:

Dear George,

If you’ve got something to say to the GLBT community and those who support them, then come out and say it – none of this subliminal chickensh*t crap. It is the least you can do after shamelessly using them every time you needed to rally the hatemongers in your base. And if you feel you cannot do that for fear of offending James Dobson and his gang of hateful homophobic bigots, then SCREW YOU, you are nothing but a spineless coward.

If the blowback from all of your filthy dirty politics is getting intense, tough. You’ve made your bed buddy, now you have to sleep in it.


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