Thursday, October 05, 2006

To the 2 kids that came to my door last night: I’m Really Not Crazy

Last night I was at my computer furiously taking my frustrations and anger with everything GOP out on my poor keyboard when the doorbell rang. And I must confess I was very irritated. How dare someone come and interrupt my fury by ringing the doorbell and trying to sell me something! But despite my annoyance with the blatant intrusion into my little world of seething rage, I begrudgingly got up from the computer, put on a lame smile, and answered the door.

On the other side of the locked screen door stood 2 young people that I mentally sized up as young fresh faced college kids probably around the same age as my kids, a 20-ish young man and a young woman most likely around the same age. Within seconds I knew why they were there.

They identified themselves, asked me if we had put in our requests for a mail-in ballot, and indicated that they were making rounds in my neighborhood on behalf of Harry Mitchell, the Democratic candidate running against Representative J.D. Hayworth. Now J. D. Hayworth is NOT one of my favorite people. In fact I have to fight going into a convulsive, foam-at-the-mouth rage at the mere mention of his name. So needless to say, my attitude towards these intruders wonderful kids changed instantaneously. They were on my side! They were friends! They were heroes! But for some odd and totally unexplained reason they suddenly became the lance that opened a festering boil.

I am writing about this little encounter because I feel really bad today. I don’t know what got into me, but something made me want to open up and let it all out. And ooooh boy, did I open up. It was like I became possessed. I started firing at them with a speed that would have made a semi-automatic weapon look wimpy. And my emotions – OMG! One second I’m telling them how happy I am that they are doing what they are doing and the next second I am describing the sheer loathing disgust I have for this Republican Party. In the span of a minute and a half, they knew more information about me and my emotions than they ever wanted to. I even slipped in the fact that I have a gay son.

Those poor kids. All they were trying to do was remind people to vote (hopefully for Harry Mitchell) and then move on to the next house. I can only imagine what they were thinking when they were walking away from my door. I am sure they thought I was a raging lunatic.

If only I could get them back tonight, I would apologize. And then I would assure them that I really am not “the crazy lady that lives in the gold house”, but rather a Seething Mom who loves her children more than anything else in the world and wants only the best for them. And right now the cancer that has become this GOP is not what’s best for anybody. Share


Mark said...

a Seething Mom who loves her children more than anything else in the world

First mistake.

and wants only the best for them.

What do you think God wants for you and your children? and where would you find such an answer?

Second mistake, ignoring that question. At lest think about it.

Seething Mom said...

Well Mark, I will say this, you are indeed persistent. But what you are not is a mom. I do not believe that God would consider my love for my children wrong. And yes, I do understand the point you were making: that my love for my children should not come before my love for God. But I believe you may splitting hairs here when you parse my words to that level.

My point was that I love my children very much. That I got a little dramatic in making that point, well I think God will forgive me…

toc001 said...

I would ignore Mark, Mom! After reading his profile you will understand that he is way off the deep end. He professes to be a servant of God and uses an evil looking dog for his avatar, then threatens to turn Chester loose. He sounds like one of those Westboro "God hates Fags" Baptists.

Get your self right in the head Mark before you go out in public. You need help!

Mom, I can't blame you. This sick Republican party and the Neocons kind of snuck up on us. They seem to be self imploding as evil does.

Yea mark it's the liberals fault! Koo Koo!

Anonymous said...

don't feel to bad .. I got polled tonight about the Pederson and Kyl race and one question what why I'm going to vote for Pederson ... And while I'm begining to think Pederson may not be the most exciting person, it ccertainly beats Kyl! I want to see change above all else. Everything in this government is going wrong .. I found myself getting carried away a little and had to stop myself. The poor woman on the other end was just doing her job. And I'm certain I gave her more of an answer than she needed to know.

It just happens that sometimes we need to spout out, and a good ear is all we need. Sometimes it is someone random at the door, or someone random on the phone. It happens.

Mark said...

My profile is tongue and check, sarcastic with a bit of truth when you actually think about it. Most people will realize that. The dog is not evil, he's actually sneezing and if I turned him loose, he would smother you with big wet kisses, and I know Godless liberals hate that. Oh, Please Stop calling me Koo Koo, your giving me a complex.

Seethig Mom,
I understand, point taken. :)

Anonymous said...

You are one scary sicko.....