Monday, November 20, 2006

Arizonans just too darn dumb to understand the Protect Marriage Arizona ballot measure

The people behind the Protect Marriage Arizona campaign just cannot come to terms with the fact that Arizonans voted down their hateful anti-gay marriage amendment. Now the spokesman behind the amendment is further insulting us by telling us that we were too stupid and confused to know how we were voting:

Cathi Herrod, spokeswoman for the Protect Marriage Arizona campaign, says voters were misled by opponents, who outspent supporters and focused their message on how the measure would eliminate cities' domestic-partner benefit programs. And, she says, the campaign believes many people voted "no" who intended to vote "yes," confused by ballot language that said a "no" vote kept existing state law.

Well Cathi, here is one of those stupid idiots you refer to and it doesn’t sound like she was at all confused by the ballot language. Huh – go figure:

Cathi Herrod of the Protect Marriage Arizona campaign says "no part of her believes that Arizonans just didn't want to amend the Constitution or thought it went too far" ("Campaign proposing ban on same-sex marriage concedes defeat," Valley & State, Thursday).

Wow! I'm an intelligent, straight, native Arizonan, over 65, who voted "no" on the proposition. I do not want to amend the Constitution. I thought it went too far. Got it?

I especially do not want the domestic-partner benefits of city workers in Tempe, Phoenix, Tucson and other municipalities to be lost, and I think the amendment would have caused that.

My vote is reflective of where I stand on marriages and domestic partnerships of others, straight, gay or perplexed: It's not my business. -Kay Butler, Tempe


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