Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Catholic Church agenda: respect life and hate gays

Oh for crying out loud! Look at this billboard which has sprung up (literally) all over Tulsa. I was so flabbergasted when I saw this, I just had to wander over to the respectlifetulsa.org website to see for myself what whacky numbnut organization was behind this bizarre billboard. Imagine my surprise (NOT) when I found out it was the CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Geeze! I guess the Church has nothing more important to do right now than spreading lies and misinformation about birth control, which by the way will disproportionately hurt the most poor, the most vulnerable, and the most disadvantaged in their flock.

God I’m embarrassed that I ever considered myself a Catholic. And I’m even more embarrassed, no, make that furious, that I actually spent several years of my life caring, no, make that agonizing over what this nutty Church thought about my son’s sexual orientation or his morality. GOD! How could I have been so damn stupid? And how much more irrelevant does this Church want to become? One has to wonder who the hell will be left in their pews when they get done morphing into a total joke.

Andrew was also commenting today on this Church’s fast track to irrelevancy:

Their [the Catholic Church] insularity and myopia are becoming impossible to miss. This National Catholic Reporter editorial says it all - and so much more brutally than you'd find even on this blog. In a world of real, pressing questions, in a church reeling from decline and continuing sexual abuse scandals, at a time when the government has authorized torture, where war rages and social and economic inequality grows, the American bishops are still focusing almost entirely on the evil of condoms and why gays are now to be seen as having an "inclination" rather than an "orientation."

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