Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hey Wisconsin – You Just Gave Family Research Institute of Wisconsin a Mandate - Enjoy

Dear Wisconsin,

I would like to advise you that by approving the Marriage Amendment on your ballots last Tuesday, you have effectively given the Family Research Institute of Wisconsin a Mandate. You see they just needed an opening and 59% of you gave it to them. I know, you thought you were just voting to keep those evil homos from destroying your fragile marriages, but the Wisconsin Family Research Institute saw it differently.

You see, according to the executive director of the FRIW, the approval of the Marriage Amendment was “just the first piece of an effort to build a "culture of marriage" in the state.” Now they “want to see marriage rates increase, cohabitation decrease, divorce rates decrease, and they want to stop the bleeding of no-fault divorce."

Did you really think that they would be content to just meddle with gays and lesbians’ lives? If you did, you are in for a very unpleasant surprise. And for the 41% of you who saw through the idiocy of this whole Marriage Amendment ruse, I am so sorry. Pandora’s Box is now open and 59% of your fellow Wisconsinites gave them the key.

Nothing is off limits to these people. Your morality is their responsibility. They cannot trust you with it.

With deepest condolences,

A Seething Mom from Arizona (a state that thankfully got it and sent our moral police packing) Share

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