Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today I worked at the polls as a poll observer

I have never been politically active in my life - never. I am embarrassed to say that exercising my right to vote was the extent of my involvement in the political arena. But oh my what a difference a day can make! (Especially when that day includes the revelation that one of my precious sons is gay) And then add in the horror of watching MY POLITICAL PARTY morph into this gay-bashing, brown-skin bashing, pork-gorging, war-mongering, torture-loving, environment-destroying, corporation-coddling, constitution-ignoring, deficit-exploding, morality-policing, ethically-challenged, fake-Christian infested, corruption-infested, hypocrite-infested, monster that routinely uses one of my children to rally the hate-filled extremists in their base for political gain. And you know what you get? You get one SEETHING MOM.

No one messes with my kids --- NO ONE!

So I’ve dipped my toes into the political pond this election cycle and I kinda like it. I confess, at first I did it more to save myself from going insane or driving my poor husband insane. But really, what a positive way to channel my rage into something more constructive and it sure beats the insane asylum. And volunteering for Harry Mitchell (the Dem running against J.D. Hayworth) and working the polls as an observer has been a most rewarding experience. It feels good and heaven knows it is better than seething.

I came home from my morning stint at the polls with a renewed sense of why I am proud to be an American. Yes, I know our democracy is not perfect. And yes, right now we have a President and a Congress that have failed our country miserably. But I was reminded this morning as I watched this amazing democratic process happen that when things go terribly wrong, as they have these past 6 years, we have the power to do something about it. The privilege to vote does not come cheaply and it is our duty as Americans to exercise this right. Today I witnessed Americans, lots of them, doing just that.

And I almost forgot: If you have not voted yet, please do. And to everyone in J.D. Hayworth's district, Harry Mitchell is your man if you are sick of what has been going on for the past 6 years.

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