Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If I could just have a minute of your time...

Word of advice to all Democratic Presidential hopefuls:

This administration has handed you a plethora of issues upon which to run. Just saying you want to undo the massive damage this incompetent group of people presently in the White House has done to this country is a winner. But please, please don’t ignore that segment of society who has borne more than their fair share of damage at the hands of a party who knew they could turn hatred, homophobia, and bigotry into votes – our LGBT brothers and sisters.

Silence on LGBT issues is not an option.

Confidential to Rudy Giuliani:

You’re lookin pretty good in the polls right now bud, I’m happy for you. But a big word of advice: don’t go waxing poetically about “family values” or “the sanctity of marriage”, you’ll have both sides of the aisle laughing you out of the room if you do.

In fact Rudy, how about doing something really different? Rather than making a complete and total hypocritical ass of yourself like McCain and Romney are doing, how about disconnecting yourself from this bunch of heathens who call themselves Christians, but act like hateful creeps. They’ve hijacked your party, dirtied the good name of Christianity, and turned people like Ann Coulter into a celebrity.

And please, don’t do what John McCain has done, it isn’t working for him – they still hate him, and it won’t work for you either. Break away my friend, you will never ever have the Dobson-Falwell crowd’s support, but you might be surprised whose support you will get if you give that crowd a swift kick in the ass.

Please Rudy --- don’t sacrifice your gay and lesbian friends for political gain --- ok? I know one seething mom who doesn’t give a whit about the D or R after a candidate’s name, but I do care deeply about a candidate who will fight for all American’s rights and not just the ones who pass the Dobson smell test.



Jarred said...

Here here! Well said!

But you might want to be careful throwing around words like "heathens." After all, one of your biggest fans is a heathen. ;)

Seething Mom said...

Nooooo, not you Jarred! Not in my book.