Thursday, June 21, 2007

Targeting our children for votes

The bolded part of the passage below sounds like something you’d find in one of my essays or a comment I might make to a reader ---- but it’s not:

“We would spend long nights crying together and talking,” she told a full house of hushed lawmakers. “And one night I said to him, ‘You have to be what you are; you can’t be what people think you should be.’”

No, these are the words of a Teresa R. Sayward, an observant Catholic from a small, conservative upstate town in New York whose 42 year old son is gay. And this is part of what she had to say when she rose from her seat on Tuesday night to address her colleagues in the State Assembly.

And as Andrew points out:

The reason the civil rights movement for gay equality under the law has been so successful so swiftly is because gay people have an army of allies: our families. Among the most powerful advocates in particular are relatively conservative families of gay people.

Yep, when this administration chose to single out the GLBT community as its target for discrimination and hateful laws, it didn’t just attack Gays and Lesbians, but everyone who loves them. And there’s a whole army of us moms and dads out there ---- and by God, we are pissed!

Big miscalculation Karl Rove… big miscalculation.


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