Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hey hets what you afraid of??

From Andrew Sullivan one of his readers writes:

Reading your marriage posting made me cry today. You summed up so well what we all feel now that this is a reality. It made me realize today as a young gay man living with my boyfriend in Massachusetts how special it is that I think about him proposing to me one day. Ten years ago no one even dreamed of that. Now someone at 23 years old gets to live the same boring life and have the exact same hopes and desires as all of his straight friends. It is something I could never imagine when I was in high school crying to God to change me.

C’mon people, what the heck is so scary about that young man having the same hopes and dreams you do? How can you read the above letter and feel like your own marriage could be threatened by this young man? How can you deny him what you already have? And lastly, how can you not feel a lot of shame for what we have done to a whole group of people simply because we are ignorant and homophobic (because there is really no other reason that makes sense)? Really now, let’s all stop acting like a bunch of asses and treat all Americans equally. You know this whole jig was a GOP crock of sh*t used to whip the Religious Right into a frenzy, nothing more, nothing less. Do we really want to play this game anymore?

So let’s let this young man’s dreams come to fruition by making this a reality for all gays and lesbians. It is time.



tina said...

Who the heck should care who is getting married anyway?? Congratulations to these two people!

Jan said...

Thanks for posting this. I affirm marriage between two people who love each other--of course, I do, because this is what my daughter and her partner dream of.