Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Arizona’s Official Marriage Protector, Cathi Herrod hurts many families with her misguided crusade

When self-appointed morality police like Cathi Herrod target gays and lesbians and by extension, my son with hateful amendments to our constitution that deny him the same rights she enjoys, she accomplishes two things. First, she drives a stake through the heart of every Arizona family who lives TRUE Family and Christian values on a daily basis by unconditionally loving and accepting their gay children just the way God created them. And second, she exposes herself for the fraud she is. She’s not trying to protect the institution of marriage even though that is what she claims, she’s just trying to pass draconian laws that deny people she does not like the basic right to a loving, committed family life much like the one she probably enjoys and she does it under the guise of morality and protecting marriages. She is quite simply a woman who hates anything that is different. She is a homophobe and my son and our family are some of her thousands of victims.

If Cathi Herrod really cared about marriage, she’d know that gays and lesbians do not threaten marriage, but divorce, unemployment, poor education, spousal abuse, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, and adultery --- to name just a few --- are the real culprits of the sorry state of marriage in America today. But Cathi Herrod doesn’t really care about those issues. Cathi Herrod just cares about sticking her pious nose into the private lives of Arizona families and shoving her version of Christian Values down our throats. And I for one am seething over this woman’s actions and the harm she is doing to my family.

And how do I know that Cathi Herrod is a sanctimonious fraud and homophobe? Well who better to know that gays and lesbians don’t harm the institution of marriage than someone who has been married for 26 years and raised 3 children to be fine upstanding members of society? Not once did anything even close to gay or lesbian threaten our marriage. And even finding out that one of our beloved children was gay didn’t put a dent on our marriage. And believe me --- that was a tough one because my husband and my initial devastation upon learning our son was gay was so bad that my husband and I had to actually pull away from each other and find a way to deal with and become comfortable with the idea that this child’s life was going to be so much harder and wrought with so much more danger because of sanctimonious hateful frauds like Cathi Herrod. Her venomous attacks cloaked in Christian and Family Values hurt families who don’t fit her template for what a family should look like.

Cathi Herrod calls herself: Your Voice for Arizona Families but this Seething Mom thinks Arizona families would do well to close their ears to her voice. Cathi Herrod hurts families who don’t fit her definition of normal. And we need to stop people like Cathi Herrod from pushing this kind of hateful legislation down our throats at the expense of our beloved children. In fact I believe one of the biggest things we need to protect Arizona families from is Cathi Herrod.


Blondie Writes said...

It is people like her that hurt people and encourage hate crimes. She cannot be a Christain as she siads because a Christain does not promote hate.

Anonymous said...

If only people like Cathi Herrod would seek the counseling they need to get past whatever issues are tormenting them.

I have yet to hear a valid reason why gay marriage is an issue for which the government should be involved.

This is bad religion pure and simple and Cathi Herrod should be ashamed of herself. I only wish someone she loved or held dear were gay so she could see the torment she is causing in gay people's lives and those that love them.

Anonymous said...

she hates the sin, not the sinner.