Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Now we have a choice: “NO YOU CAN’T” or “YES YOU CAN”

Phew, I sure am glad this Democratic primary is over and we have a nominee. I have tried very hard not to say anything about either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton because I knew that whoever got the nomination was going to get my vote. But I must admit that as the nomination process drug on and on it got more and more difficult to keep quiet. After 8 long years of George W. Bush and company, I just felt more and more desperate to know the name of the candidate who was going to take on the Republicans and send them packing. And honestly I think Senator Obama is the man to do it. So it’s very nice to feel like we are at least one step closer to getting rid of this disastrous administration and all its baggage.

Now that we have a nominee, I feel like I have to take a few minutes off from seething and savor this truly historic and monumental victory. I am so very proud of the Democratic Party for not only giving us the choice between 2 very capable and accomplished candidates, but 2 historic “FIRSTS” at that. It speaks volumes of the Party. It is nothing less than monumental that we had a choice between our first woman candidate and our first black candidate. What did the Republican Party have to offer? (Don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer that.)

Now we’ve gotten the hard part done, we’ve made the very difficult choice and we have our nominee. And the good news is, it should be a lot easier from here on in. In this momma’s mind the choice could not be any clearer: a party that has a history of erecting barriers and telling us “NO YOU CAN’T” to equal rights for minorities, women, and gays or a Party that has proven it is going to bust through those barriers and tell us “YES YOU CAN”.

For this seething mom, what transpired last night was truly a salve for the wounds that have been oozing for the past eight years. Last night was not only historic, but cathartic. It feels really good to have some hope again.

I am getting so impatient and time feels like it is moving so slowly. Why does November have to be so far away?


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