Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Profound quote of the day

In a post titled We Do Not Torture, Andrew Sullivan discusses what he calls the “moral relativism” of the people who answer to President Bush. But why not call a spade a spade and call these people what they really are, “faux Christian hypocrites” of the worst kind:

What's staggering to me is the moral relativism of these men who report to a fundamentalist Christian. You cannot compromise on the meaning of the word "marriage". But "torture"? No problem. The only outer limit is murder.

Torturing or abusing, including sexually, shocking with electrodes, beating, shackling, stripping off the clothes, depriving of food and sleep, and spitting and urinating on are all A-Ok with this crowd of “Christians”.

That’s right, there’s no moral debate, no strong stands against, no outrage or outcry, no soul searching, no nothing when it comes to torture, but you will find plenty of word parsing and scrambling to redefine the word “torture” when necessary. But bring up gay marriage and suddenly their moral convictions become rigid and unbending. Letting two consenting adults of the same gender commit to each other in marriage? Now that’s a moral outrage. And don’t worry, you won’t see any parsing or redefining of that word going on. That would be against God’s law. But torture a person, no problem, God, I guess would approve.

And oh, by the way, if that person should die ---- well hell --- you must be doing it wrong.

Sick. Just sick.

On second thought, calling them faux Christian hypocrites is too kind. They are heathens.


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Sick, sick, sick.