Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prayers for Bobby to air on January 24th - it's a must see

I have been meaning to post about this for 2 weeks now, but I have had a bunch of company in town (and still do) and it completely slipped my mind. So I want to thank reader Anna for her very timely emails reminding me about this very important item.

I have mentioned a couple of times how much the wonderful organization, PFLAG, helped my husband and me when we first learned we had a gay son. On our very first visit, someone there at the meeting slipped the book, Prayers for Bobby, into my hands and urged me to take it home and read it, which I did. And it shook me to my core. In fact, the story was so powerful and so gut wrenching, I cried for days. I could barely get out of bed, my heart was so heavy thinking about how hard many glbt children from extremely religious families have it.

I am so very glad I read the book and I firmly believe that everyone should at some point read it. I'm just not sure that my timing in reading the book was the greatest. But then again, I'd have to say that this book played a huge role in igniting the seething rage burning in my gut even today. Not that I needed any more fuel on the fire, but to this day, when I think of the needless tragedy this story recounts, I realize we still have a long way to go. And I also realize that some of our biggest obstacles to full acceptance and equality are standing behind the pulpits in many of our churches. And if ever we needed a reminder of the magnitude of the damage these preachers are inflicting on families with gay children, we need to look no farther than this story.

And now as Anna has so kindly reminded me, Lifetime will be airing the book-to-movie premiere of Leroy Aaron’s “Prayers for Bobby” on January 24th at 9PM ET/PT and I strongly urge everyone to mark their calendars and/or program their TIVOs or DVRs to record it. This is a must see movie.

Here is the movie trailer:


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