Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They are shocked, just shocked I tell you

These Religious Righties just cannot wrap their minds around the fact that Obama will not be using the glbt community as political and fund raising tools like they and the previous Administration did.

They are just shocked that:

"within 5 minutes from Obama's swearing in, the White House website posted the President's goals for the country and some of them tell a very different story than unity, and certainly change. Despite calls for unity, the submissions seem to be about repealing controversial legislation, including things like the Defense of Marriage Act, which was signed signed by Bill Clinton":

This has got these boobs very worried. How on earth will they fund-raise and fear monger if Obama follows through with his promises to the glbt community? Promises of change and unity are just fine with these sanctimonious frauds just as long as Obama doesn't mess with their always reliable cash cow, the gays and lesbians, one of the last politically and religiously acceptable groups to hate. Share

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Anonymous said...

So typical. I particularly love their examples of the "bad things" that happen due to hate crimes laws. Notice that they give extremely vague information about their anecdotes. This conveniently makes it so that people can't actually research the incidents described for themselves and figure out if Staver and company are telling the whole story. And in my experience, Staver and company rarely tell the whole story.

-- Jarred.