Saturday, October 17, 2009

I now understand why Bill Donohue is the face and voice of the Catholic Church

I used to wonder why the Catholic Church would want someone like the homophobic, bombastic Bill Donohue of the Catholic League For Religious and Civil Rights to be such a vocal voice for them. Long before walking away from the Church myself, I found him an embarassment and hated the fact that he and I belonged to the same Church. But now I've got to say I understand why he has been the face of the Catholic Church for so long. It was me who was out of sync with the church, not him.

And watching the video clip below of him spewing his toxic lies really brought it all home for me. What better way for the Church to kill 2 birds with one stone than to use this blowhard to blame gays for the decades of molestation that took place within the ranks of the Church? He spews his hateful lies and presto, it is a done deal: Catholic Church is exonerated from all blame for destroying so many innocent lives and all gays are now to blame for the sins committed by pedophile priests and those who enabled them.

Evil. Just pure evil.

Oh my God, has the Catholic Church lost its way:


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Jan said...

Evil. Yes.