Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rick Warren finally speaks out against proposed Ugandan Kill-the-Gays law

I am so very conflicted here. Yes(!!), I am very pleased that Rick Warren has finally stepped forward and in no uncertain terms and with very strong language spoken out against this heinous proposed law in Uganda. But(!!!!), I feel I must stop short of praising him for what he should have done when he first got wind of this horrific legislation. It certainly took a lot of fire under his feet before he did the right thing. And I certainly have to ask myself, once again, if this had been straight Christian Ugandans who were being targeted with execution if he'd have taken so long to speak out. And, not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything, but shouldn't we be asking ourselves whether this whole mess would have occurred if American Christian Evangelicals and American Conservative politicians had not gone over to Uganda and stirred up all this anti-gay hate in the first place?

And one more thing...
I still can't shake the horrible feeling that so many of these American Evangelicals and conservative politicians who have made careers of whipping up hate against the lgbt community for political gain will be deeply disappointed in this latest turn of events in Uganda. And this is what haunts me most. Share

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