Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear Maggie Gallagher

With closing arguments in the California Prop 8 trial completed yesterday, the moment of truth is not far away. And if the comments you made on your own NOM website are any indication, you don't seem to be feeling too confident about victory.

And you know what Maggie? I agree with you. You shouldn't be feeling any confidence. You are on the wrong side of this issue and will soon be a sad little footnote in history's chapter on bigots and homophobes.

You see, this country has a long history of doing some pretty awful things to minorities in the name of the bible or some other faux righteous cause. But this country also has a long history of (very) slowly but surely reversing itself on most of those wrongs and eventually doing the right thing. And I believe this is going to be yet another example of good overcoming evil. I can just feel it in my bones.

So Maggie, I have to ask you, what are you going to do with your poor pitiful self once you lose? After all, you have dedicated so much of your life to making sure that other people's misery and second-class citizenship are permanently enshrined into our laws. You have dedicated a whole career to defining victory by how many people's lives (and that includes children) you can destroy and/or make grossly unhappy. You have dedicated your life to creating a whole class of people who will be forever descriminated against and denied rights. You have expended large amounts of energy into telling disgusting lies to make the case for denying others rights you enjoy. And you have created a whole following of bigots who have learned from you how to degrade and dehumanize others under the guise of Christian and family values.

How do you live with yourself knowing that so many consider you a truly despicable and loathsome person?

And Maggie, lest you think it is only the glbt community that you have offended and hurt, let me set you straight. This seething momma would love to be there the day this case finally concludes and all challenges have been exhausted. I want to see the expression on your face when you are told you've lost and your mission of hate is over. I want to see you feel some of the misery you have caused so many others to feel. I want, NO, I need to see the woman who dedicated her life to making sure that one of my beloved sons would be forever denied the right to commit to and marry the person he loves, denied her victory. I want to bask in the joy of seeing your hateful, vengeful, biggoted battle come to an end.

Maggie, let me finish up by saying that I am your worst nightmare. I am a Christian. I am straight. I have been married to my husband for almost 30 years. And we are the parents of three amazing children whom we love so much it hurts. We are that family you claim to be protecting. We have that marriage you claim to defend. And no one knows better than us what you are all about Maggie. And it has nothing to do with families, marriage, children, Christian Values, or Family values. You are a liar and a fraud Maggie and this seething momma knows it.

I cannot muster the energy to hate you Maggie, but I certainly do pity you. Dedicating your life to hurting others is quite an ugly legacy, but you earned it. Now you have to live with it.

H/T to Pam for the picture above.

Update: Here is Kate Kendell's take on the day of closing arguments for Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the federal challenge to Proposition 8. (Hint: she is pretty happy):



Jude said...

I am so very glad you're on my side...and thank you for reaffirming my faith in straight people. Sometimes, and I know it's wrong, that whole trusting straights can get clouded for me. Thanks for lifting those clouds.

As for a future job for Maggie? What's going to be the next victim of hate?

Seething Mom said...

Thank you Jude. And please know that with each day these hateful idiots get out there on their self-righteous soapboxes and preach their hatred and bigotry we win.

You are not alone. There are lots of straights out there who support marriage equality, but I can understand your hesitancy to trust us.

My hope is that my son will meet the person of his dreams and be able to marry him if he so chooses.

Congratulations on your marriage. What a travesty that you had to wait for that narrow window of opportunity in order to finally marry the love of your life. with 28 years of committed love -- you and your wife could teach Maggie Gallagher a thing or two about love and the sanctity of marriage.

Jarred said...

I suspect that Maggie will do one of a number of things:

1. She will use the loss as a fund-raising opportunity to perpetually look for ways to overturn the ruling, possibly by campaigning for presidential candidates who promise to stack SCOTUS with "conservative" judges so such an overturn could take place.

2. She will move on to some other anti-gay opportunity, such as keeping same sex couples from adopting or opposing anti-discrimination legislation.

3. She will find a new target group to declare the "evil enemy."

But in the end, as long as Maggie can find a bogeyman to collect paranoid followers and their cash, she'll be out there somewhere.

Granted, I'm probably being cynical. But that doesn't mean I'm wrong. ;)

Seething Mom said...

Sadly Jarred, I suspect you are right. People like Maggie Gallagher will always be around. She may lose this battle, but she probably will never concede the war. And she will never admit she is wrong. She'll just do what these faux Christians always do, act like the victims.