Saturday, October 30, 2010

Could it possibly be this simple?

In the seven years my husband and I have been telling people that one of our sons is gay, we've had only one horribly ugly reaction and that was from one of my four brothers, and quite honestly, his reaction didn't come as much of a surprise (I have written about it here, here, and here). But that is not to say that it wasn't hurtful because it was, he is one of my brothers for cryin out loud. And I'd be lying if I said I don't still go back to our conversation that day and wonder if there was something I could have said that might have at least given him some pause, which brings me to the clip below. My guess is that this would not have worked with my brother since he's so completely entrenched in his own self righteousness and the people in the clip below seem a lot more thoughtful and willing to reconsider a previously held belief. My brother? Not so much. Doubt about any position he holds is now a completely foreign concept to him.

VIA: Andrew

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