Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Can we clone this guy?

Meet Illinois state Senator Ricky Hendon. In the clip below he is speaking about the vote the Illinois state senate is about to take on civil unions.

Why can't we have more politicians like him? Take a listen and tell me this man is not an inspiration. I just wish we had men and women on the national level with half the courage, fire, and conviction of this man:

Oh and by the way... the Civil Unions bill had already passed in the House. And after this fiery speech the Senate proceeded to pass the bill in that branch as well. So now it is off to Governor Quinn's office to be signed into law. Congratulations Illinois. May the handwringing and hate and doom and gloom begin amongst those who feel it is their moral duty to stick their noses into everyone else's life in the name of the Lord.


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