Friday, January 21, 2011

Fmr Navy Chaplain Favors Gay Exorcisms

Wow, check out this guy, Gordon Klingenschmitt, a former navy chaplain (thank goodness I can say former because this guy isn't fit to minister to my dog let alone our servicemembers) who thinks he can cure "teh gay" with exorcisms. He also believes that gay men are women. Gordon admits in the clip below to having been a drunk in college who lusted after women, but claims to have been cured when he found god.

Well this momma smells a skunk. I know this guy's type up close and personal. I've got a family member just like him. He is nothing but a dry drunk who simply replaced the abuse of alcohol for the abuse of religion. And honestly, I'll bet those who've known him as both a drunk and a sanctimonious fraud, probably miss the drunk.

I am sick to my stomach just listening to this man. What in the hell was the Navy thinking when they brought him on-board as a chaplain? He's a homophobe and misogynist who uses the bible as cover while spreading hate and misguided beliefs:

Oh and by the way, this guy thinks that repealing Don't Ask-Don't Tell was a mistake. Never mind the fact that this hideous policy, according to this GAO report, has cost the American tax payer almost $200 million during the period between 2004 and 2009. The average expulsion of a gay service member under DADT cost taxpayers $52,800 and there were 3,664 people expelled. Hate and homophobia have proven to be quite expensive.


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