Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Minnesota Politician and Hero

There are not many bright sides to politicians who write odious, bigoted, and hateful laws that deny certain segments of tax-paying, law-abiding American citizens the right to be treated like everyone else ... and then, adding insult to injury by justifying their efforts to deny those rights to these singled-out citizens (their constituents I might add) with their perverted brand of religion.

So it is consoling to those of us who are horrified by ugly politics like this, to see courageous politicians who stand up to these sanctimonious frauds and call them out for their big government intrusion into our private lives. This is NOT Christianity. This is ignorance and bigotry. And this is pandering to those who thrive on that ignorance and bigotry and reward the politician who give it to them (at the expense of others).

Minnesota Senator Barb Goodwin and brave politicians like her are those bright spots in yet another sad chapter in history:

Hat tip: JMG


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