Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random thoughts on DADT

I was listening to Stephanie Miller yesterday morning. She had one of her regular guests on, Lee Papa, also known as The Rude Pundit, and they were talking about the elite Navy Seal team that killed Osama Bin Laden. And as usually happens on this show, the conversation went off on all kinds of crazy tangents (viagra, girlfriends, eternal virility ...) making my ability to repeat it verbatim here, a sure bet that much of the humor would get lost in the translation. Suffice it to say, their conversation was at once funny, thought provoking, and infuriating.

They were joking, but their point was this, chances are one of those men on that elite team could very well have been gay.

That got me to thinking.

We have the finest military in the world. And some of those wonderful and very brave men and women in our military are gay and lesbian. And yet, we still have this hideous and horrible policy called DADT in place.

And even more hideous and horrible, we still have politicians in congress who are willing to use the repeal of DADT as a bargaining chip in their game of winning over the most vile and feeble-minded within their base.

I have truly stopped wondering how low they (and by they, I mean Republicans) can go and at who's expense they are willing to make their political points. I guess even our brave men and women in the military are fair game as well.


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