Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Anthony vs David or why I'm heartbroken about Anthony, but furious about David

Ok, I have no time to be blogging right now, but I have to get this off my chest and I am just too angry to even think about things like packing or cleaning. So I am going to get this said, and then I am going to try to get ready for this upcoming trip. But I know one thing for sure, if I don't just blurt out what has been running in an endless loop inside my head all day, I will continue to get nothing accomplished. So here goes:  I AM SO PISSED AT ANTHONY WEINER I COULD SPIT, BUT I STILL THINK HE IS A FAR BETTER POLITICIAN AND REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE THAN ANY REPUBLICAN POLITICIAN IN OFFICE RIGHT NOW. And if that doesn't make much sense, well ... too bad. I don't have to make sense when I am this angry.

I confess, I really, really  like Anthony Weiner, which is why I am so damn angry. He is one of the few Democrats who has a spine and says the things that must be said. And I don't want to lose his voice. Yes, he was damn stupid to have been doing what he was doing, and even more damn stupid to have thought he wouldn't get caught. But as for the morality or immorality of his actions, I don't give a rip about his actions or the morality or immorality of them, although I certainly would understand why his wife might think otherwise. But that is a personal matter between him and his wife.

The bottom line is this, Anthony never sold himself to his constituents as a holier-than-thou family values guy, nor did he climb up on an altar a soapbox and wax piously about the sanctity of marriage and how he was going to defend traditional marriage from the evil gays. And for that matter, he never sold himself as fabulous husband material either. Yes, Anthony has proven himself to be a foolish schmuck who chose to think with his "other" brain, but he isn't a hypocrite and that matters big time to me. He has proven himself a lousy husband, but I still believe he is a good politician with some cojones. And let's face it, we desperately need Dems like Anthony. When I vote, I am not voting for husband material, I am voting for people who have the courage to speak truth to power and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Anthony Weiner has been doing that. And I don't want to lose him.

So let me state this clearly, loudly, and without equivocation, I do not think Anthony Weiner should resign. I also do not think that any other Dem should get all high and mighty and call for his resignation either. We all have made stupid mistakes, so who are any of us to judge? Anthony Weiner's fate is for his constituents to decide.

But then there is Senator Diaper Dave Vitter from the good state of Louisiana. And he did sell himself as a holier-than-thou family values guy, and he did climb up on an altar a soapbox and wax on and on about the sanctity of marriage and how he was going to protect it. He spoke ad nauseaum about Family Values, Christian Values, and Sanctity of Marriage, easily convincing the "values voters" of Louisiana to give him the senate seat. Little did they know that their shiny, new, and oh so Christiany senator was nothing but a skanky fraud with a love for prostitutes and an alleged fetish for diapers. He was also a lying, hypocritical fraud who thought nothing of signing on as one of the main co-sponsors of the Federal Marriage Amendment which he claimed would protect the sanctity of traditional marriage while he was actively making a mockery of his own marriage and family.

So let me state this clearly, loudly, and without equivocation, I do think David Vitter should have resigned and still should. I also do not think any Republican should get too high and mighty either, because when you set yourself up as a "good" Christian with "good" Family and Christian Values and do a bit too much harping on the "Sanctity of Marriage", you are climbing pretty damn high up on your moral high-horse and it can be a long fall down.

Anthony Weiner stumbled pretty badly, but he didn't sell us a rotten bill of goods. David Vitter did and for the life of me, I do not understand why he remains in office. He doesn't have the moral high ground to be legislating anything.

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