Monday, August 15, 2011

Bush on steroids?

Seeing this lovely piece of artwork sure made my stomach do some major flip-flops this morning. My thanks to the source of this frightening picture for that (but do go over and give him a look-see - he's got a good sense of humor in spite of the scary subject matter).

So the question is this, will a Rick Perry presidency be another 4 to 8 year nightmare similar to or worse than what we endured with Bush? Well after watching Rick Perry finally throw his hat into the GOP presidential candidate ring and then act like a hayseed country bumpkin in Iowa, I got a real bad case of deja vu just thinking about another all-hat-no-cattle Texan in the White House. Can you even imagine the round-table discussions a President Rick Perry would have with right-wing religious extremists like James Dobson, Tony Perkins,  and Maggie Gallagher? They'd have a field day with public policy, social issues, and delving into our private lives (for our own good - of course).

Good gawd, I don't think I could handle another delusional Christian-right extremist boob of a president who rails about the evils of "big government" and how we don't need it ---- but can't wait to mandate abstinence-only education, anything that will deny the glbt community rights and dignity, and anything that will keep women from having control of their own bodies.

And I don't know about you, but I watched this clip of an old interview with Rick Perry and I could not help but think of Bush. Watch it and see what you think:

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Between all the preening and mugging on hay bales in Iowa these past few days and the video above, I really can't help drawing comparisons between Bush and Perry. And it really gives me the heeby jeebies. They both have that obnoxious aw-shucks Texas twang that makes me gag,  They both sport that same smug look of certitude - even when they are dead wrong.  They both have that same blind faith in failed ideology. They both seem to have a tremendous capacity to completely ignore any facts that contradict what they believe in. Oh, and they both have that same cocky, I'm-right-cuz-I-got-God-on-my-side smirk that makes me want to jump through the tv screen and smack em silly.

Ugh, I just cannot allow myself to even think of the possibility of a Perry presidency. It's just too much to process. I won't let myself go there. I simply can't!




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Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

You vastly underestimate Perry. Bush was an awful President, but simply the experience he had growing up in a political family kept him within bounds and at least partially 'realistic.' Ues, unlike his father and St. Ronnie, he actually listened to evangelicals -- the others treated them the way their own preachers did, as cows to be milked, the preachers for money, the politicians for votes.

But he didn't give them all that much -- and his 'Faith-based inititive' was another conning of them.

Perry is far more 'in bed' with a group that is -- hard as it is to believe from your perspective as the mother of a gay child -- far worse than your standard evangelical. I'm not going to flood you with links, just suggest you read Rachel Tabachnik (on Talk2Action or Alternet) on the New Apostolic Reformation, or go to PFAW's Right Wing Watch and search under Perry or "The Response."

These people are so crazy that one of them condemned the Statue of Liberty as a 'Demonic Idol." Another called Oprah a 'precursor to the AntiChrist.'

And of course the whol;e thing was run by the AFA, who Bryan Fischer has turned into an all-purpose hate group (so named by the SPLC).

And Bush would never have called Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, all financial regulation, pure food, gun laws, etc. 'unconstitutional usurptions of power.' (See Matt yglesias on Perry's book, FED UP.)