Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Mormon Church,

Please don't fool yourselves into thinking that all those hokey commercials flooding the airwaves right now are going to calm everyone's fears about voting for a Mormon in the 2012 Presidential elections. I can tell you right now they sure as hell aren't calming mine.

Now don't get me wrong, ordinarily I would not give a rat's ass what a candidate's religion is, or whether a Mormon is a Christian, or even whether a candidate is an atheist. Under normal circumstances a candidate's religion or lack thereof would carry no weight with me. It would be all about who I think is the best man or woman for the job. But you, Mormon church leaders in Utah, changed all of that for me (and millions like me) when you decided to overstep the bounds of your temple by working tirelessly to enshrine your religious beliefs into another state's constitution. When you dumped boatloads of money and manpower into getting Prop 8 passed in California, effectively stripping gays and lesbians of that state, including my son, the right to marry the person they love, you made Mormonism a humongous issue for me. And lord only knows how many other states have your fingerprints all over their bigoted, homophobic laws. So make no mistake, it won't matter how many of those stupid sappy commercials you run, I WILL NEVER EVER VOTE FOR A MORMON for president. And if you think I am the only one who feels this way, then you are kidding yourselves.

And for those who have no t.v. and have no clue what I am talking about, grab a barf bag and watch at your own risk:

Hi, I'm Ron I spent most of my career working to put men and women into space. I'm a Mormon:

Hi, I'm Alex Boye I was born in London England. I am a Recording Artist. I'm a Mormon:

Hi, I'm Cassandra I am an Artist, a Wife, a Mother and I'm a Mormon:

I'm Joy. I'm The 2008 Longboard Champion, Love Jesus Christ & I Am A Mormon/Restoration Christian:



Lynne Harter said...

I was "inactive" in the Mor(m)on church for years before finally resigning my membership. Guess what tipped it? Yep. I no longer wanted my name associated with a so-called Christian church that spread such fear and hatred, using members' hard-earned tithing money to do so. And you're right--the National Organization for Marriage's leadership is entirely Mormon, among them "speculative fiction" author Orson Scott Card. Check out this article on the church's Gestapo tactics against gay students at YBU: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/home/50525254-76/mike-marilyn-gay-mormon.html.csp

Seething Mom said...

Lynne, I just read the article you mentioned in your comment. I didn't think I could hate organized religion any more than I do now, but this just reinforces why so many people are walking away from these houses of hate and not looking back.

The Mormon Church is not alone in the severe harm they are doing, my former church, the Catholic Church (born, raised, educated in, married, in ... then had kids ... rinse and repeat) is just as bad, and just as involved in imposing their bigotry and homophobia into our laws.

These churches and others are killing our glbt children. There is nothing Christian in what they are doing. It is pure evil.

Thanks for putting the URL in the comment, the more people who read it, the better.

Jarred said...

Has there been an resurgance of those commercials then? They started shortly after the PropH8 fallout and were an attempt of the LDS church to regain its image after they showed themselves to be haters. The whole idea is to try and convince everyone they're really nice and kind people. Sorry LDSers, you supported PropH8. Not buying it.

Like you, I won't vote for a Mormon. For starters, the Mormon candidates tend to be Republicans, and I find far too much of the Republican platform repugnant to vote for anyone who espouses it. Beyond that, I take issue with anyone who will put their religious dogma over doing their job of keeping my best interests in mind.

Granted, I do figure the LDS will change their tune about LGBT people eventually. After all, they changed their tune about black people. I just don't expect to be alive when it happens. I doubt my great grandchildren (assuming I ever have anY) will be alive when it happens. But now I'm just being a cynical bastard. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that the mormon church has changed their tune about black people, aside from the fact that they can get them to help pump money into their business; and it appears as though you become more "worthy" the more you pay them.
I hate that any black man would declare himself mormon, knowing that their attitude is that he is being punished, and he'll get to be "white like us" as soon as he and other's like him get right with God.
I hate the arrogance in baptising people without their permission, I hate that they think women are nothing more than baby machines, and that they have the nerve to claim they'll become Gods after death. Guess their church doesn't take much stock in the actual Bible.
I've also heard that they "check" women before marriage and put them through humiliating molestation in order to do so.
Funny how they can think theirs is the "only" religion, but it run in such secrecy that it could only be called a cult. Nice that most of their members aren't considered worthy. Some of their members won't even communicate with anyone that isn't a fellow cult member. Sounds real Christian to me.
I don't wish to be anonymous. They're horrible people.
Heber, Overgaard Arizona

Seething Mom said...

Thanks for coming over and sharing your views Stacey. I couldn't agree with you more.

But sadly, and as a fellow Arizonan, you probably already know this, our state has a very high population of Mormons and our state legislature is pretty much run by Mormon right-wing crazies (but at least we got rid of that odious bigot Russell Pearce). So we get a good dose of the crazy just living here in good ole AZ. No wonder we have such a bad reputation for bigoted laws and oppression of minorities. The Mormon Church's fingerprints are all over our laws.