Thursday, October 20, 2011

Herman Cain is an ignorant, bigoted piece of crap

Ok, I am seething with so much anger right now, I probably should not be posting this morning. But when I saw this clip of Herman Cain claiming that being gay is a choice, I fell to my knees and thanked the FSM that I was not in that studio because I'd have hopped that stage and smacked his smug, self-righteous face silly. What a profoundly stupid man.

I have had it with the ignorant, bigoted bullsh*t  being spouted by these ignorant bigoted people who actually think they can be president of this country. I simply cannot wrap my mind around the idea that today, in the year 2011, with our economy in such disastrous shape, and so many of our citizens in economic ruin, that one of the major political parties in this country still thinks campaigning on a platform of bigotry and stigmatization of a significant segment of this country is a winning strategy. I truly feel I am living in an alternate universe. And the biggest tragedy of all is that Herman Cain has a lot of company in this batch of clowns running for the GOP nomination since pretty much all of them agree and take every opportunity they can to proclaim it.

I watched my young son struggle for years with something he just could not bring himself to share, something he struggled with every second of every day of the very years he should have been carefree and worry-free, something that not even professional counseling could pry from him. And people like Herman Cain believe all that agony was a "choice"?

Well  Herman Cain, you are wrong. My son did not choose to be gay. And because of your profound bigotry and ignorance and the bigotry and ignorance of sanctimonious frauds just like you our son and so many other children just like him suffered for years in silence, alone, and in agony. And tragically many still do. And even more tragically many don't make it to adulthood. They kill themselves. So to watch you, Herman Cain, a GOP presidential candidate sit there on national t.v. and smugly proclaim, with certainty that could only have been pulled straight from your a**, that these children choose to be something that would make them a target for bullying, shaming, and demonization makes me realize just how unfit for public office you are. Being gay is not a choice sir, but being a ignorant, bigoted, idiot is.



Sage said...

This is a perfect piece for Spirit Day!

Seething Mom said...

aHHH Sage, my first laugh of the day. Hugs and kisses I send your way. Happy Spirit day my friend.

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