Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Torturing your own child in the name of God

I am horrified by the story this young man tells and that it happened at the hands of his own father, a Southern Baptist missionary, is simply unimaginable to me.

From the Daily Mail:
'Tiny needles were stuck into my fingers and I was electrocuted': Victim of Baptist gay conversion therapy describes how he was tortured at 12:
  • Beaten repeatedly by his father after innocently telling him, aged 12, that he was attracted to his friend
  • Told he had AIDS, that he was the only gay person in the country and the government would kill him if they found out
  • Hands burned and frozen with ice while he was shown images of men hugging
  • Electrocuted for a month while shown explicit pictures of men
  • Has since been excommunicated by his family and warned by his father that he will shoot him if he ever comes home  

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