Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Do Campaign - Asheville, NC

As anyone who stays current on LGBT news knows, North Carolina's state legislature just recently agreed to let the voters of their state decide whether some of their fellow LGBT North Carolinia citizens should have the same rights and protections they have. But hey ---  we all know how well allowing a majority to decide the rights of a minority has worked out in the past ---- especially in the south --- they even have a name for it: mob rule.

But in all fairness, one must give accolades to North Carolina for holding out this long in not joining ranks with their fellow bible-thumpin, self-righteous, gawd-fearin southern neighbor states in enshrining homophobia and second-class citizenship into their constitution. And we must also realize that progress towards full marriage equality for our LGBT brothers and sisters must start somewhere, so why not in North Carolina or Minnesota, both of whom will have gay marriage amendments on the ballots in the near future?

So with that said, I find this Southern Equality campaign quite powerful. And I don't mind admitting it made me tear up a bit:   

And I gotta ask, isn't it ironic that the very people who have been steadily succeeding in stripping rights and dignity from their fellow American citizens in the name of their God and their religious beliefs are the very people who have the highest divorce rates (highest divorce rates in the bible-belt south)? 

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