Thursday, November 03, 2011

And there is no shortage of anti-gay hate going on in my beloved Minnesota either

Oh my, where to start....

First up on the MN anti-gay haters and shakers' agenda:

Minnesota For Marriage Announces Drive For Five!:  
This campaign asks each person to obtain five pledges to support the ban in order to be considered for a prize drawing. Drawing winners will receive a $100 Visa gift card. The drawing will be held daily through the month of November.
Is it legal? Possibly. These organizations have gotten quite good at slithering close to, but not quite breaking laws in order to achieve their bigoted, hateful goals. But regardless, it is worth asking, and many bloggers are.

But here is the Minnesota state statute so you can decide:
Bribery, advancing money, and treating prohibited. A person who willfully, directly or indirectly, advances, pays, gives, promises, or lends any money, food, liquor, clothing, entertainment, or other thing of monetary value, or who offers, promises, or endeavors to obtain any money, position, appointment, employment, or other valuable consideration, to or for a person, in order to induce a voter to refrain from voting, or to vote in a particular way, at an election, is guilty of a felony. This section does not prevent a candidate from stating publicly preference for or support of another candidate to be voted for at the same primary or election. Refreshments of food or nonalcoholic beverages having a value up to $5 consumed on the premises at a private gathering or public meeting are not prohibited under this section.
Here is Minnesota For Marriage's Facebook profile (click the link to get a clearer look):

Facebook Profile

Next up on the MN anti-gay haters and shakers' agenda:

Bachmann, Kline send letter to Senate to block gay soldiers from using military facilities:
Reps. Michele Bachmann and John Kline were among the signers of a letter to the U.S. Senate urging that body to pass an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would prohibit gay members of America’s Armed Forces from using military facilities for marriage ceremonies.
Well no surprises here. Because as we all know, Michelle Bachmann has built her political career on pure unadulterated gay hatred and homophobia. And she is banking on all that pure unadulterated gay hatred and homophobia to take her all the way to the White House.  So why should we be surprised that the most honorable odious Michelle Bachmann would be first in line to strip rights from honorable gay and lesbian military members who fight for her right to be an ignorant, hateful homophobe?

And last up on the MN anti-gay haters and shakers' agenda (mainly because my stomach can't take any more):

NOM brings high-powered tea party lawyer to Minnesota in marriage ballot disclosure battle:

The National Organization for Marriage has tapped tea party attorney Cleta Mitchell as the organization’s Minnesota lobbyist during the state’s contentious 2012 battle over a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
Mitchell’s expertise is in campaign finance law and Minnesota for Marriage—of which NOM is a member—has already announced plans to challenge Minnesota’s finance law surrounding ballot initiatives.

I guess the possibility that donor names might be exposed is causing many of God's "loving" Christians to quake in their little bootsies. But rather than looking to the Almighty for protection, they are bringing in a Tea Party big gun attorney instead. JMG has more:
Mitchell has already written a letter to Minnesota's election board in which she claims that rabid homofascists will physically attack innocent Christians should their anti-gay donations be made public. Mitchell: "This regulatory scheme is unlawful, is not constitutionally sound, threatens NOM members, donors and supporters with personal injury and harm and the Board should cease immediately its efforts to rewrite Minnesota law to achieve this unlawful purpose."
A big thank you to Jeff Wifahrt for alerting me to all this MN anti-gay ugliness.

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