Friday, February 24, 2012


Wooo doggie Indiana, you got some real winners in your neck of the woods too:

If you can't take watching the whole 9:46 minutes of pure hoosier crazy, fast-forward to the last minute or two. This guy is such a train wreck, I had to look away.


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Lynne Harter said...

When some of us think of a youth group, we think of church, but we also think of bullying and abuse, both at the hands of fellow youths and our leaders.

You could make a drinking game by taking a shot every time he mispronounces "license."

The guy cannot articulate an original thought. He reads the press statements and shrieks "Whaaaaat?" He then riffs on the spelling of a name. "B-y-r-n-e. B-Y-R-N-E!!!" as if that had any significance.

The sad thing is he thinks he's brilliant for spotting what he considers "propaganda" and indoctrination of young people. And the little "meltdown" at the end with an upward glance at the camera? Puh-leeeze.