Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Be still my heart - First my beloved Minnesota and now maybe one day Arizona?

Great news Via the Rocky Mountain Poll:

After years of beating the drums against same-sex marriage, opponents of the idea in Arizona appear to be losing their grip on public attitudes toward the issue. By a ratio of 55 percent to 35percent, Arizonans say they favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry.

Majorities in the following groups appear to have locked arms in support of such unions: women (60%), Hispanics (75%),liberals (67%), moderates (64%), registered Independents (64%), Democrats (70%), and voters under 55 years of age (60%).

A plurality of voters over 54 years of age also favor allowing such unions (46%); while 40 percent remain in opposition.Finally, opposition to same-sex marriage divides Republican voters, with 53 percent opposedbut 36 percent now in favor. Similarly, while 51 percent of political conservatives are opposed, 41percent favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

This news is possibly even more jolting than the magnificent news coming out of Minnesota. Why? Because Minnesota has always been a wonderful progressive state, whereas Arizona -- well -- it is a wonderful state as well, but governed by lunatics and moral scolds who think they have the right to legislate their twisted sense of right and wrong into Arizona laws.

So to Cathi Herrod, one of our more notorious morality scolds, let me just say:

You've dedicated your life to inflicting pain on families like mine, but your days of calling the shots in this state are numbered. One day your life's work of hate and nastiness will be overturned and you shall go down as one of Arizona's top haters. And something tells me that day is coming soon.  And I say good riddance.

And one more message to someone else who played a big role in getting an anti-gay-marriage ban passed in this state and that is former Arizona State legislator with FIVE FAILED MARRIAGES under her own self-righteous belt, Karen Johnson. Your legacy can only get worse lady. I hope you lay in bed at night and think of what a complete idiot you looked like when talking about the "Sanctity of Marriage" when trying to justify your vote.

May history, Cathi and Karen, spare none of the ugly details of your hateful legacies.


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