Friday, June 28, 2013

Dear Religious Right Homophobes and Not-So-Religious Homophobes

Please forgive me this post. I know my job is to seethe not gloat, but today I am going to luxuriate in your misery. And yes, I know that is not very nice or Christian of me, but these days I have a hell of a time calling myself a Christian, especially if it would put me in the same camp as you sanctimonious frauds. So if you have a problem with my enjoying these latest victories waay too much ---- tough. I really don't give a sh*t. Call it payback guys, and you know what they say about payback ...

If you haven't figured it out yet, I am absolutely thrilled with the Supreme Court's rulings on Prop 8 and DOMA. Yes, they could have gone further with their decisions, but you know what? I am glad they didn't because I am looking to you all to make the last leg of this journey (read: full equality in all 50 states) a cake walk. And from the looks of things, you have no plans of changing your game plan. In fact it actually looks like you are putting it on steroids.

Most of you have dedicated your lives to stripping rights and dignity from people for whom you hold nothing but contempt, which is basically everybody who doesn't fit your narrow definition for normal. You have taken righteous glee in enshrining your phobias and bigotry into our laws. You have pushed the vulnerable, many of them gay children, to take desperate measures to end the pain you have caused them and yet, you feel absolutely no remorse or shame. You have caused such pain and agony to so many - and believe me, your net has been wide. For every glbt person you demonize, there is a family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers who hurt right along side them. But you are too blinded by your bigotry to realize that. You are oblivious to the fact that people outside your little bubble are watching with horror as you wreak devastation in people's lives.

But things are finally starting to backfire. Why do you think there are 13 states that have legalized gay marriage? And I am confident that we shall see more states follow suit. People do not like bullies. And they hate sanctimonious frauds more. And with all the idiocy I have seen coming from your camp since the recent Supreme Court decisions, I think we can begin the countdown to a full 50 state bonanza. You've lost this battle guys.

But please do ignore me. And please do keep giving the media those hateful soundbites, and sending those ugly emails begging for more money, and tweeting those ridiculous tweets (see below), and making those silly dire predictions, and preaching those really mean sermons under the guise of god's loving grace. Because you are exposing your hateful souls in a way we never could have. No one can repulse people better than the likes of Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Maggie Gallagher, Tony Perkins, Brian Brown, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, the bishops of the Mormon Church, right-wing politicians and everyone else who has beat up on the glbt community for personal gain.

What you have failed to realize is that most people are sane. They have their moral compasses pointed in the right direction and don't really need you to tell them how to be a decent human being. And they don't like denying people rights that they themselves have enjoyed and taken for granted. It just doesn't feel right or like an American value, and it certainly doesn't feel like something Jesus would do. And for those people who were sitting on the fence, sincerely believing your bullsh*t about gay marriage threatening their marriage ... well ... 13 states proved you guys to be the big fat liars you are. The sky did not fall. Life did not come to an end. And straight people's marriages did not start failing.

So on a personal note, I must begrudgingly thank you for the pain and anguish you caused me by going after one of my kids. Nothing could have gotten my attention better. These past ten years have changed my life and made me a better person. You opened my eyes to the hypocrisy of organized religion and the people who wrap themselves in it. You helped expose your partners-in-crime, the Republican party, for the creepy, hypocritical, sex-obsessed, women-hating, corporate-loving, sanctimonious frauds they are and as a result I have shed both from my life. And you made me get off my butt and get active. And I will never, ever rest on my laurels again. There is simply too much evil out there.

Oh and before I forget:

Thank you for going ballistic with dire predictions and fear mongering because the Supreme Court ruled against inequality and discrimination.

Thank you for pretending it is you that has had something precious  taken from you when you have lost absolutely nothing but the right to be bullies.

Thank you for all those vows to continue fighting gay marriage and tying things up in court for years rather than moving on to other causes that were closer to Jesus' heart, like poverty and hunger. You expose yourselves for the complete frauds you are.

Thank you for playing the victim card every time you you lose a fight. Nothing turns the stomach more than watching a big fat bully blubber for sympathy when he is exposed for the mean-spirited SOB he really is.

And finally, thank you for all the crazies you endorse and embrace. Please keep giving them a megaphone and a public stage. We've got a lot of marriage bans to repeal and gay weddings to plan and we sure could use their help to reach the finish line.


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Anonymous said...

Huckabee's post must have been cut short by twitter "Jesus wept....with joy"