Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Campaign launched to bolster gay marriage support in Arizona in preparation for a possible 2016 ballot measure

Cathi Herrod-AZ's Morality Dictator

There was another article on gay marriage in today's Arizona Republic. And don't quote me on this, but I think our local self-appointed morality dictators are starting to get a little jumpy. I saw a clip of our very own Cathi Herrod on one of the local tv stations and she was awfully chirpy and a little too breathless with her bravado and self-righteous shtick. Me thinks she is getting a wee bit nervous.

Yes, the ole battle ax, Cathi Herrod, and her Focus-on-the-Family funded god-botherers came out in force and successfully got a marriage ban enshrined into our state constitution in 2008. But it isn't 2008 anymore, it's 2013. And whether Cathi wants to admit it or not, attitudes are changing at lightening speed. And if this new campaign today's paper detailed is any kind of success at all, a whole lot more people are going to know someone who is profoundly hurt by Cathi Herrod's life work enshrining her hate and bigotry into our laws.  

From the article today:
The campaign, Why Marriage Matters Arizona, encourages same-sex couples to share their stories with friends and family in a bid to build support for a possible 2016 ballot measure. In coming weeks, community groups, businesses and religious leaders will also share their support for changing Arizona law to allow same-sex couples to marry.
Oh and by the way Cath? You taught us well. Nothing is beneath us. We will broadcast stories like the very sad story below. This couple may live in Illinois, but there are plenty of stories here in Arizona that will tug at heartstrings (thanks to you):

Arizona is not going to stay in the dark ages for much longer Cathi. No matter what filthy lies and tricks you employ. Your days as Arizona's top hate-monger in chief are numbered, but cheer up, I hear Uganda is hiring.


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