Sunday, September 08, 2013

Christian Mingle: Let us help you find God's match for you - except if you are gay

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. - Psalms 37:4

I don't know about you, but I absolutely loathe the Christian Mingle commercials - so much so that I immediately change channels or press the mute button the second I realize one of their cringe-worthy ads invade my space. Their ads are cheesy and literally raise the hair on the back of my neck, but I guess they are effective with a certain crowd since they are still running. 

And it certainly doesn't help that the company itself is a defiantly, in-your-face discriminatory organization that refuses to serve anyone looking for a same-sex match:

As eHarmony distances itself from Christian group Focus on the Family, Spark Networks, the parent company of popular Jewish dating site JDate, is throwing its weight behind Christian dating site ChristianMingle. This week the Washington Post and CNN took note of the site’s $30 million advertising blitz, which promises to “Find God’s match for you.” It’s certainly a tall order, but reporters wondered if it might also be false advertising.
In response, ChristianMingle’s spokeswoman has been offering a weird blend of Internet-era religious doctrine and legal disclaimer. “God can orchestrate and use the medium of Christian Mingle to allow people to find their match for one another on the site,” Ashley Reccord explained to CNN. “He may or may not use that means, but he can use that means.” Access to the medium that God may or may not use will cost users $18.99 a month for a three-month subscription.
Unlike eHarmony, which admitted users looking for same-sex matches after a rash of discrimination litigation, ChristianMingle’s homepage offers two options: men seeking women and women seeking men.

So it is with great pleasure I present a commercial I can watch without gagging.  Christian Mingle deserves to be laughed at. They are not "good" Christians, they are bigots.

Thanks JMG, Sundays are the perfect day for mocking sanctimonious frauds.


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