Saturday, November 09, 2013

Congratulations Hawaii!!!! Gay marriage soon to be signed into law by Gov. Neil Abercrombie

It has been a long and colorful (see below) journey getting to this point, but with Hawaii's house joining the senate and passing a gay marriage bill today, it looks as though marriage equality will soon be the law of the land. The senate will need to go back and pass an amended version of the bill, but everyone expects the Governor will soon have a bill on his desk to sign.

Recap of the events leading up to this momentous occasion:

  • This brought out a geneticist who felt he needed to testify after hearing numerous claims that a person "chooses" to be gay. And of course incredulity ensues, who needs stinkin science when we have the bible? A must watch: 
  • Then to break the monotony of generic anti-gay, biblical doomsday testimony, we had Tenari Maafala, "an active-duty police officer who is also the president of Hawaii's police union, told state representatives that as a law enforcement official, he's obligated to enforce state law, but if marriage equality passes in the Aloha State, he won't be able to do that." And claiming: "You'd Have to Kill Me Before I'll Enforce Marriage Equality":

But no matter the road traveled to get there, the outcome was the right one! 

Thank you Hawaii. Once again fairness, equality, dignity for all, and the freedom to marry the one you love prevails over protecting some people's comfort zones! 


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