Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dear Arizona Republican Lawmakers,

For a group of tough-talking, "wild west" gun-slingen wanna-be's, you've got to be the biggest bunch of embarassing, frightened little ninnies I've ever seen. It is quite a sight to behold when Cathi Herrod or one of her faux Christian soldiers from the Center for Arizona Policy come thundering into the Arizona State Capital building. Puffed-out chests deflate, righteous spit-riddled bravado ceases, and all fall to bended knees when the self-appointed queen of morality makes an appearance. What a sight! A mass of cowering, frightened little Republican yes-men and women, clutching cutesy little pink handguns to the breast and quivering from head to feet clad in cheap cowboy boots. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday are cringing in their graves and sane Arizonans weep as the cowardly lot of you beholden sheeple once again mar our state with your ugly politics, bigotry, and profound ignorance.

Please don't tell me y'all really believe that SB 1062 is a badly needed solution to a big problem. Most Arizonans see right through that. Be honest, this is yet another classic case of every one of you miserable cowards bowing to the whims of Cathi Herrod. And please stop insulting us by insinuating there are hordes of "religious" people whose rights are being trampled. We know you are lying through your teeth. The truth is so much simpler and so much more sinister. This is just another opportunity to trample the civil rights of those you do not like under the guise of religion - and only a certain kind of religion. The religion of Cathi Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy.

Congratulations Arizona Republicans. Once again, you've made national buffoons of yourself. Once again you've shown us what cowards you are. Once again you've shown us what sanctimonious frauds you are. And once again you've shown us who really wears the pants in this state --- and it ain't YOU. It is Cathi Herrod.

What wimps.


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