Friday, February 21, 2014

What's it gonna be Governor Brewer?

From Rocco's Little Chicago Pizzeria in Tucson

All eyes are on our Governor here in Arizona now that yet another nasty, mean-spirited bill targeted at a minority has hit her desk for final approval. And honestly, there is no predicting which way she will go on this latest atrocity to come out of our state legislature.

This is a Republican wet-dream, a religious freedom bill which allows people to legally discriminate against whomever they want (as long as they couch it as living their faith or some stupid bullsh*t like that). And it was specifically written with the glbt community in mind (cuz Jim Crow laws are so 20th century), but could essentially legalize the discrimination (under the guise of religious freedom) against anyone. It is definitely a solution looking for a problem and it is despicable. It will also be the tax payers financial burden when it inevitably hits the courts.

I am fuming right now. I am so g.d. sick and tired of the lunacy that emanates from our state capital. But with a legislature dominated with such feeble-minded, cowardly Republican lawmakers, I guess I should not be surprised. The collective intelligence of this group of politicians is so underwhelming that I truly don't believe they are capable of solving the real problems plaguing this state so they just make up sh*t to solve.

Stated less harshly, our Republican lawmakers aren't really capable of complex thinking. No, they definitely had help with this heaping pile of poo. And Cathi Herrod and her minions from the Center for Arizona Policy are always there when it comes to demonizing and denying rights to people they do not like. And this bill definitely has the stench of this faux family values group's influence. If it's hateful and nasty and targets a minority that right-wing hate groups love to single out and demonize, it almost always has Cathy Herrod's greasy fingerprints all over it.

So now the only thing that stands between another gigantic black eye for our beloved state of Arizona and the evils of Cathi Herrod and her clan is our governor.
Governor Bony-Finger's moment of shame
Gawd it kills me that it all comes down to her. But to be fair, she has been on the right side of a few issues so all we can do is hope she will be on this piece of hateful legislation as well.

And as for Cathi Herrod? I want to thank her. She and her hateful ilk have done more to advance the rights of our glbt brothers and sisters than we ever could have. Pushing this kind of legislation turns off most fair-minded, intelligent people. It also infuriates, repulses, and strengthens the resolve of those who have a glbt loved one. This is what will be Cathi Herrod's ultimate undoing.


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