Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Morning giggle

I saw this over at Crooks and Liars this morning. Nice way to start a day - with a chuckle rather than a grrrrrrrr!!!!!

This also reminded me of our oldest son back when he was in middle school and high school. Young kids will often mirror their parents political leanings and claim their political party as well because they know nothing else. We were Republicans back then (forgive me father for I have sinned ...), so our son thought he was too. He joined the Young Republicans and was active with them up until his Freshman or early Sophomore year of high school. And then one day, around the time of the Bush v Gore election, he came home and he announced he was no longer a Republican, much to our horror.

At this point he was in an all boys Jesuit high school. The Jesuits do not tend to be too political, but their teachings actually resemble more the principles of the Democratic platform (men for others, feed the poor, etc, etc) than the Republican. But still I was curious as to what specifically changed my son's political leanings, so I asked him what made him change his mind. And lo and behold, it was one teacher in particular, his business/economics teacher (and probably the only card carrying Republican on campus). The man's philosophies (which apparently so turned our son off) had actually forced our son to do some soul searching and re-evaluating of his own values. So it was not the day in and day out Jesuit message that permeated his studies that changed his mind, but the values (word used loosely) and beliefs of the one Republican in the faculty. BUT, I would be completely remiss if I did not say this, our son went on to live a life that has closely mirrored the values the Jesuits taught him and he is a better man because of those values.

Sadly, it would take his doofus parents a few more years to see the light ...


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